Common Collision Damages and What Your Mesa Collision Expert Does to Fix Them

When you have the misfortune of getting into even a minor accident, you will need to visit a collision repair shop to correct the damage and protect your investment. Expert body repair will make your vehicle look great and ensure that it continues to operate safely and smoothly.

Common Collision Damages and What Your Arizona Collision Expert Does to Fix Them

Common Collision Damages and What Your Arizona Collision Expert Does to Fix Them

Accidents are far more common than we’d all like them to be. Here are a few of the most common collision damages!
Mesa, Arizona

Here are a few of the most common collision damages that are seen in Mesa auto body repair shops:

Rear End Damage

Getting rear ended is one of the most common accidents you will experience. The person behind you might not be paying attention and may not notice until the last moment that you have stopped and then slams into you. Or something might run out in front of you, causing you to slam on your brakes. You might stop in time, but the person behind you may not.

Even a light hit can damage the bumper of your Honda, scratching up the paint or leaving behind a huge dent. A certified Honda body repair shop in Mesa will have to:

  • Buff out minor scratches or match the paint to repair larger scratches
  • Deeper cracks must be filled before being painted
  • Special devices are used to pop out dents and smooth the bumper
  • More serious damage may require that the bumper be replaced entirely

Front End Damage

You might actually be the person who isn’t able to stop in time or isn’t paying attention, causing you to slam into the back of someone else’s car. Or you could actually swerve in time to miss the car but then hit a telephone pole or a wall with your Nissan instead.

Front end damage is also very common. The same damage that can occur on your bumper can occur on your front fender, and your Mesa Nissan certified collision repair center will use the same techniques to fix it.

Front end damage can also include damage to one of the front side panels, depending on the angle of the impact. Usually, frontal collisions that happen at an angle to damage a side panel result in more than a little dent. The whole panel often has to be replaced.


Dents can happen in all kinds of ways all over your car. Someone could run through a stop sign and hit you in the side. Or someone could park too close to your car and hit it when they open their door to get out.

Repair technicians in your Infiniti certified auto body shop in Mesa use a special device that uses strong suction power to pop out dents. In some cases, that may be enough to fix the damage. However, in many instances, the paint also has to be repaired since the impact will scratch or chip it.

Large dents might pose structural issues, so they may require that an entire panel needs to be replaced.


lower car value after an auto collision in AZVandalism can result in serious damage. A thief might cause damage trying to break into your car or can crash the car while driving it. Some vandalism can be personally motivated, such an ex breaking your windshield or spray painting something along the side.

The type of body repair needed will depend entirely on the kind of vandalism committed. Your windshield may need to be replaced, dents may need to be popped out, and paint may need to be touched up. Typically, vandalism repairs will be strictly cosmetic rather than structural.

No matter what type of collision repair you need, it is important that you visit a reputable shop with experienced technicians. Excel Collision and Glass Centers performs all types of collision repair, including minor cosmetic repairs and major structural repairs. Our technicians are experienced in all types of collision repairs on all types of vehicles, and they can make repairs according to factory specifications. We have a reputation for our exceptional service and quality repairs, and we have relationships with multiple insurance companies to make the claims process easier. Call us today to get an estimate or to learn more about our collision repair services.

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