Apache Junction Certified Acura Collision Repair Center

Hopefully, you and your Acura will never be involved in a collision or an accident. But in case it does happen, it is good to know that the auto body repair mechanics at Excel Collision and Glass Centers in Apache Junction are experts in restoring your damaged Acura to its pristine and pre-accident condition, not only in appearance, but also in terms of safety.

As a ProFirst recognized Acura collision repair center, we pride ourselves in not only performing exact, quality repairs, but also in utilizing the best parts, techniques and equipment, possible.

Apache Junction Certified Acura Collision Repair Center

Affordable Acura Collision Repair Center

Our Apache Junction Acura certified body repair shop can provide you and your car with the best service, quality, and results you can hope for!
Apache Junction, Arizona

In order to keep up with Acura’s high repair and certification standards, our employees are recertified annually, and our Apache Junction Collision Center is inspected by a third party to check for compliance issues, and we have invested in the required equipment needed to perform these repairs.

This equipment can cost well over $250,000 which is why only about 15% of American body shops can claim this valuable distinction. A few years ago, it might not have mattered much, which collision repair center you consulted with for your Acura, but these days, manufacturers like Honda and Acura have stringent repair requirements in place that need to be followed as to not void the factory warranty.

Manufacturers have been increasingly employing aluminum for car bodies and drive line components. Aluminum, being highly corruptible by contaminants and other metals, has to be repaired in a secluded area, a “clean room” where you can be sure that nothing will interfere with the aluminum components.

Your Apache Junction Acura certified body repair shop can provide you and your car with the best service, quality and results you can hope for. We cannot reverse the collision, but we can restore your Acura in a way that you feel like it has never happened.

Of course, we are looking forward to fixing your other body issues as well such as hail damage, dents, and scratches. Check us out today to see how we can restore your Apache Junction Acura to “like-new condition”.

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