Maintaining The Acura Brand

In January 2015, at the Detroit North American International Auto Show, Acura introduced its new NSX to the world, once again affirming Acura as an innovative brand that unites luxury with sportiness. Since its foundation in 1986, the name Acura has been known among Mesa car owners to stand for classy, sports cars with quality parts, which are fun and comfortable to drive.

Maintaining The Acura Brand and auto body repairs in AZ

Acura, often referred to as Honda’s bigger and more expensive sister, launched its quest to create a luxury car brand during a time, when nobody would utter the words Japanese and luxury cars in the same sentence.

Acura’s penchant for innovation in technical details as well as body construction, showed early on. Before the brand was even launched in the US, American Honda service managers were given only a few short months to make themselves familiar with Acura’s innovative and new technology.

This trend has continued through the decades. Innovations in car construction forced service personnel and repair staff to learn about new issues connected with these cars as well as new repair techniques.

In the mid 1980’s the first Acura V6 engine hit the US market, as did four wheel disc brakes and electronic fuel injection. These developments forced Mesa collision repair centers to educate themselves and their employers continuously to ensure proper repair for Acura’s all over the US.

For over thirty years proud Acura owners relied on their Mesa Acura certified repair shops for the upkeep and repairs of their valued vehicles.

Today’s car manufacturers operate under pressure from government agencies to make cars safer, more economical and environmentally friendly. This is accomplished not only by exploring alternative fuel options, but also by changes in auto body construction and composition. Aluminum as well as carbon fiber have found their way into the car manufacturing process and with its collision repair techniques at your local Mesa and Apache Junction Acura certified collision center have changed drastically. Aluminum as a metal that is highly susceptible to corrosion by interference of other metals, for example, has to be worked on in a secluded area, called the clean room, to ensure proper, clean and safe repair is possible. I-Car Gold Class training for their employees is a must if a certified body shop desires to qualify for the ProFirst Body Shop Certification by Honda/Acura.

When you invest in a luxury car such as an Acura, you want to be certain that repairs are done right. Your local certified collision repair center makes sure that not only the right repair techniques are being employed while returning your Acura to its original pristine condition, but they also understand that only OEM parts will not compromise the integrity of your Acura’s body.

Many aftermarket parts are of substandard quality and even though they may look like an original part, they are not and hence will impact the performance and safety of your Mesa Acura.

So if you saw the new NSX at its launch, you know why you would only allow an Acura certified repair technician to perform any repair or collision work on it at all. With its multi metal construction combining modern metals such as aluminum, carbon-fiber and high strength steel, it is safer, lighter, and offers more room than previously possible. This of course, requires that your Mesa body shop is familiar with, equipped for, and has the parts to perform any work which needs to be done on this outstanding automobile.

Acura stands for innovation, and as much as you appreciate the innovation, you should appreciate and insist on the expertise of your local Mesa Body Shop, should you ever need to.

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