Myths about Auto Collision Repairs

Getting into an accident can be stressful and chaotic. In the immediate aftermath, you’ll be thinking about how to get your car fixed as quickly as possible and what’s going to happen with your insurance – and that’s assuming that no one has been hurt. The process can be even more stressful and chaotic if you are being swayed by the misinformation surrounding collision repair.

Myths about auto collision Repairs

Don’t let these myths keep you from getting the repairs you need fast! Get a little information under your belt so you’re prepared the next time you get in an accident (knock on wood). Here are some of the top myths about auto collision repairs in Mesa – busted:

Myth #1: You Don’t Get to Choose the Body Shop

You don’t get to choose the body shop

A lot of people believe that the insurance company tells them where to take their car to be repaired, and that if they don’t go to that body shop, the insurance company won’t pay for the collision repair. Part of the reason this myth grew legs is that many insurance companies have preferred collision centers to which they recommend customers. But these are just shops that they have a relationship with – not shops that are required providers.

Legally, you have the right to take your car to any shop you like for your collision repair. You can take your car to any shop for the estimate and any shop for the actual repair. They can be the same shop, or they can be different shops.

Myth #2: You Need to Get Multiple Estimates

You need to get multiple estimates

Before the insurance company will cut you a check to repair your vehicle, you have to get an estimate from a reputable body shop. Some people believe that you have to get multiple estimates for the repairs. That’s what most people would do if they were paying for the repairs themselves, so they assume that it’s what the insurance company requires also. The truth is the you need only one estimate.

The body shop will typically submit the estimate for the auto body repair to your insurance company directly, and once the claim and estimate are approved, the insurance company will cut you a check. You can choose to cash the check and take care of the repairs however you want (or not at all), or you can sign the check over to the body shop.

Myth #3: You Must Accept the Insurance Company’s Estimate

You must accept the insurance company’s estimate

Once the insurance company knows what repairs your vehicle needs, it will put together an estimate of its own. The estimate is based on the typical charges for repairs, or what the insurance company deems “reasonable.” However, these estimates do not always accurately reflect the true costs.

If your repairs are going to cost more than what the insurance company estimates, you don’t have to accept its estimate. You can challenge it by offering a few estimates from local shops that say the repairs will cost more.

Myth #4: You Get Only One Insurance Check

You get only one insurance check

You get your estimate, the insurance company approves it, and you get the check for the repairs. That’s it, right? Well, what happens if the body shop finds that more repairs are needed than originally expected? Are you just out of luck (and out of your own pocket)?

You can submit the new information to your insurance company to get the additional repairs covered. Most collision centers have experience with insurance companies, so they can handle these communications on your behalf in most cases.

Mesa Auto Body Repair By Excel Collision

Myth #5: Insurance Will Cover All the Damage

Sure, if you have the right policy. Every insurance policy includes different limits for what it will pay for collision repair. And even then, most plans have some kind of deductible, which means that you’ll have to pay that deductible before insurance pays.

If the accident wasn’t your fault, you’ll be at the whim of whatever the other driver’s insurance plan will pay. Your insurance may cover some of what the other driver’s plan doesn’t pay, but it still may not cover everything. You could end up on the hook for hundreds or thousands of dollars for the full collision repair.

Myth #6: An Accident Will Reduce the Value of Your Vehicle

An accident will reduce the value of your vehicle

Not with the right collision repair! East Mesa auto body repair experts can make your vehicle look just as good as it did before the accident – better if it was already a little worse for wear before the accident. Yes, the accident will show up on the vehicle’s history report, but that won’t necessarily bring down the value. Buyers will be much more interested in how the car looks and its structural quality. So long as everything looks and works right, you’ll have no problem getting top dollar for the car when you’re ready to sell it.

Don’t let the myths about collision repair keep you from getting the right repair work at the right shop after your accident. Get an estimate from a reputable shop, and get the repairs that will make your car look as good as new.

Excel Collision Centers offers expert auto body repair in Arizona. We work with all insurance companies to submit estimates and process checks so that you can get the collision repair you need as quickly as possible. Our skilled technicians will make your vehicle look better than you thought possible after your accident. Contact us in Arizona today to get a free estimate and get started!

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