Top Winter Auto Collision Risks in Arizona

Arizona is a nice state to spend the winter. Most major cities don’t get snow and the average lowest temperature that the city of Phoenix gets is 65 degrees. That is pretty cold for the residents of Arizona. However, this temperature is nothing to tourist who are spend the season in Arizona. However, residents of Arizona love to drive up to Flagstaff or other cities that receive snow. Snows is a very interesting and fascinating element to Arizonans. If you are the Arizonian that is driving to a winter state, we have advice for you. The advice below will reduce the possibility of having an auto collision.

top winter auto collision risks in Mesa arizona

Checking your Vehicle’s Condition

Before leaving your home, check the battery, ignition and exhaust systems, thermostat, defrost, heater, and brakes. Make sure that your vehicle is in adequate condition to handle bizarre and brutal winter weather. Other precautions that need to be taken care of are:

  • Snow proofing your tires. Install snow tires, chains or studded tires to reduce the possibility of driving off an icy road.
  • Make sure the antifreeze in your radiator can handle freezing temperatures.
  • Double check that your windshield wiper blades can handle snow. If not, install new windshield wiper blades that can.
  • Check that your headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn signals work well and can be seen if visibility is low. A snow storm may be the same
    or worse than the heavy sandstroms Phoenix, Arizona can get.
  • Change your motor oil to a winter grade.

Your vehicle can handle the brutal summers that Arizona gets. Driving to a state that has a different environment can damaged your vehicle or cause an auto collision. We recommend to stop by a Tempe auto body repair shop and ask if your vehicle is in proper conditions to handle freezing temperatures.

Driving an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle

If your are driving an electric or hybrid vehicle, you need be extra cautious. You battery needs to be in excellent condition. Make sure that it has sufficient voltage, ask a mechanic to inspect the charging system and belts, and that the battery connection cables are tight. If the vehicle is glitching within any of these areas, there is a possibility that you’ll have to replace it. Always make sure that your tank has fresh gasoline.

Be Prepared with Miscellaneous Items

You and your vehicle need to be prepared for driving in freezing temperture conditions. Remember you and your vehicle are use of driving in hot, summer heat of Arizona. A few miscellaneous items that you need are:

  • A fully-charged cell phone.
  • Drinking water.
  • Warm and cozy clothes such as winter coats, glove, scarves, caps, extra socks and warm blankets.
  • Any necessary prescribed medication(s) and pain relievers.
  • A first-aid kit.
  • A flashlight with extra batteries.
  • An ice scraper.
  • Small bag of sand (or kitty litter) for wheel traction.
  • Travel tool kit and battery cables.
  • Safety flares.
  • Plastic bags or container for sanitation.
  • Healthy snacks.
  • A roap map.

risky auto collision in tempe AZ during winterHopefully, you already have five items off the list in your car. Also, whenever you go on a road trip, you have at least all, but the winter items, in your car. You could say that every item on this list is essential for every road trip. However, the ice scraper, folding shovel and warm clothing are additions and a must whenever traveling in freezing temperatures. No one never knows when an unexpected emergency on the road might happen.

If you are coming to Arizona to spend the winter season or just the holidays, you are well aware of the driving conditions in your state. You have the experience and knowledge of how dangerous it is to driving in the snow and on icy roads. Arizonans that are visiting another state, or heading north to Flagstaff, to enjoy the snow, do your research and notify people of your travel plans. Plan our route, take the necessary precautions, and be prepared for anything. Auto collision risk on ice are high and dangerous.

If anything happens to your vehicle, the body of the vehicle, while you are on the road, visit our shop. Excel Collision is equipped and have the experts to do an auto collision repair, contact us today! Enjoy the snow and drive safe!

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