Why a Certified Body Shop Can Match Maint Better Than Others

If you have had a mishap in your vehicle and wish to match the paint, there are plenty of places in Arizona you can go to get this amended, but you should know all of your options before you get those repairs and patches made in your paint. If you are looking for an exact match to the paint on your vehicle, then your only option would, admittedly, be to visit a certified body shop in Phoenix, as they can match a paint much better than others. If the original color is what you want, then this should be your one and only stop.

why a certified body shop can match maint better than others

Understanding how the painting process works first is imperative to who you go to when you are trying to get the paint matched on your vehicle. Arguably, your first line of defense is to avoid minor collisions altogether. But we all know that this is not always possible with as many rude, arrogant, and reckless drivers there are out there. Posting on social media is much more important than the safety of others. But if you have had a hopefully minor collision and your car can be repaired easily, matching the paint is one of the last steps that is taken. When you are getting your car painted, you obviously need to go to a body or paint shop. These shops are given industry and car manufacturer standards for paint so that you will get the best match possible on your vehicle. This sometimes does not work, however, as shops acquire their paint based on price. And the ones they buy might not always match the paint that is the “standard”.

In addition to paints that don’t quite match, temperature, weather, and light sources also make a huge difference when you are trying to get your paint matched. Luckily in Arizona, there isn’t much humidity, but we do have the unfortunate curse of extreme heat during the summer. This can sometimes affect the paint and how long it lasts. Sun damage is extremely common in Arizona. Another factor is viewing angle when you are choosing the paint. Unfortunately, getting an exact match to the existing paint on your vehicle is nearly impossible. There are too many factors that can hinder the tint and vibrancy of the color that is being applied. Things like using the wrong spray painting equipment can greatly vary the color that is applied to the vehicle. Angle of application is also a factor, as well as the mixing volume at the spray nozzle. When choosing the paint, it may look like a perfect match, but because of these uncontrollable elements, getting the right results is not certain.

certified body shop is better than othersGoing to a certified body shop can really mean the difference between a good paint job and a bad one. An inexperienced painter will get the color code from the car, paint the necessary pieces, and send you on your way, but you definitely won’t be pleased with the service you have received. To get a good paint job done on your car, the experienced painter will paint a card with the proper code and take both the vehicle and the car into the sunlight to see if it is a viable match. If it is not beautiful and seamless, then the formula will be adjusted and another card will be painted and re-examined next to the car. This will happen over and over again until the color is nearly perfect. You want the painter to do this because it can really look horrible on your car if several different elements are painted different colors than the existing body. Imagine if your door was an entire shade off of the rest of your car? That would look incredibly tacky.

Expert painters will also have developed a great spraying technique that will ensure the best coverage for a seamless application of your new paint. The many contours of a car create highlights and shadows that make your car appear to be different shades of the same color. With expert painters at Excel Collision, we know exactly where to end the new paint with the old so that your car looks as good as new. Trained at mixing, creating, applying, and blending the colors to match your vehicle to a tee, Excel Collision is the perfect body shop in Arizona to help you with your auto collision repair in Phoenix. Contact us today!

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