Top 5 Auto Repairs Needed After Gilbert Collisions

Top 5 Vehicle Repairs Needed After Gilbert AZ Accident

1. Body Part Replacement

Car owners sometimes think they can save money by acquiring used parts, but by the time they count the cost of removing the old parts and preparing them for paint they really haven’t saved anything. New parts are always best and are known to meet today’s safety standards.

Skilled auto body repair technicians use only new parts and have the expertise to be certain that each part fits precisely, in order to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

The use of the proper factory paint codes is another means of restoring your car to pre-accident condition. If you are repairing an older car, or one with a custom paint job, an experienced Gilbert collision repair technician will know how to obtain the proper paint mixture for a perfect paint match.

One more difference you will find in using a certified auto body repair technician is the attention to the small details, such as a radiator cover or the factory emblem containing information pertinent to your motor. These small details are an important part of restoring your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

2. Alignment

Often, following a collision a vehicle can need tie rod ends, lower A-arm, frame, unibody, or structural repair and frame straightening. Frame work requires specialized equipment and training. At this time only about 15% of Gilbert auto body repair shops are in possession of the factory certified equipment needed, and auto body repair technicians certified, to do this type of job.

3. Headlight and Taillight Replacement

Rear end collision are the most common type of accident reported in Gilbert. Collision repair can involve the bumper, taillights, trunk lid, and back wheels. For every rear end collision another driver’s front end is involved. Headlight and taillight replacement seem pretty straightforward, but some can be difficult to remove and re-install. In addition, you will want an auto body repair specialist to adjust your headlights. We have all seen DIY headlight replacement jobs where the headlight shines up into the trees, into other driver’s eyes, or off the side of the road. This can dangerously reduce a driver’s ability to see after dark. A Gilbert collision repair specialist will see that your headlights are properly adjusted in order to give you the best night vision possible.

4. Engine Repair

In a front end collision some commonly damaged parts include; the radiator, radiator fan, water hoses, and fluid reservoirs.

You may not notice a small water leak right away, but in the Gilbert, Arizona temperatures it won’t take much to overheat a vehicle, especially if you get stuck in city traffic. If you become aware of a water leak don’t replace it with water. The water must be mixed with coolant. Many people don’t think of needing antifreeze in the heat, but it’s necessary to increase the boiling point of the water in your radiator. Seriously overheating an engine can completely destroy it. If your check engine light comes on following an accident, it could be any number of things, so have it checked out to be certain you don’t further damage your engine.

5. Glass Replacement

Numerous types of collisions can result in cracked or broken glass. Most drivers fail to realize the important role their windshield plays in driver safety, so they opt for the lowest price available. This could be a deadly mistake. The windshield is what keeps debris outside and you inside of your vehicle.

A low-priced windshield installer may use inferior glass and adhesives. You want your windshield replaced with an original factory windshield which consists of two layers of glass held together by a layer of strong vinyl in the middle. When the windshield breaks the vinyl holds the glass in place rather than allowing it to enter the vehicle and cut the driver or passengers.

Furthermore, a cut rate windshield installer may not handle the windshield properly, wearing gloves to make certain that the oils from their hands won’t be transferred to the glass to interfere with the adhesives, or they may skimp on the necessary bonding agents and adhesives. It’s important to have your windshield installed at a certified Mesa body shop by a certified technician.

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