You are not immune from lockouts, ignition damage, and other key mishaps in your auto body shop. If you run into problems with the key, you might just call the customer and ask for the spare. But having your own duplicate on hand can help you in more ways than one.

5 Ways car key duplicates help your auto body shop

Here are just five reasons why you might want to consider having car key duplicates in your Chandler auto body shop:

Prevent Key and Lock Damage

Prevent key and lock damage

Over time, keys can wear out or they can get small imperfections that can make it harder for them to work in the ignition. Using the key on the ignition can cause damage to the ignition. If that happens on your watch, the customer could hold you responsible for the damage. You will end up paying for some damages yourself instead of getting paid to repair damages.

Instead, make a quick duplicate and use that key to drive the car in and out of the bay. You’ll cover your bases and protect your reputation.

Prevent Lockout

Prevent lockout

It’s easy to get locked out of a customer’s vehicle. One of your technicians drives it into the bay and then jumps out, forgetting the key inside. The door might automatically lock, or the technician might accidentally hit the lock. When the technician tries to get back in the car to perform the repairs, he won’t be able to do it.

Imagine the embarrassment for your shop when you have to call a customer to bring you a new key because you’ve locked yourselves out of the car. And imagine how angry the customer will be if no spare key is available. You’ll have a furious customer on your hand, and your reputation will be damaged.

Provide a Convenient Replacement Option

Provide a convenient replacement option

If you’re doing a good job, you likely have regular customers. One way you can improve your service to them is to keep key duplicates on site. If they ever get locked out of their vehicle, they will know that they can call you to get the spare instead of taking chances on an untested auto locksmith who may not be reliable.

Just let your customers know that it’s your policy to make key duplicates to keep on site. You don’t want them to find this out on their own and suspect your motivations.

Make It Easier for Customers to Get a Spare

Make It easier for customers to get a spare

Keys for modern vehicles are a lot more complicated than the keys of old. Even if a person is able to reach an auto locksmith in Chandler who is able to respond immediately, the car key replacement may not be able to be made right away. Some keys have to be programmed, and some require a special code that is linked to the vehicle.

If a key is not available, information must be looked up using the vehicle identification number. By having a spare key on site, you have a model ready that makes it easier for customers to get a new key made when they need it.

Save Time and Money

Save time and money

Whatever situation you find yourself in to need a spare key, if you don’t have one on hand already, you are going to have to wait while a new one is made, and you are going to have to pay for the replacement. That can cost you valuable time that could be spent making the repair, which also translates into lost profits.

If you end up causing damage to the lock or ignition from an old key, you could also be out the money to repair that. Having key duplicates on hand helps you to save a lot of money, which protects your bottom line.

US Key Service, Automotive Locksmiths for Chandler

It might seem an unusual step to make key duplicates in Chandler for your customers, but it’s a forward-thinking one. Doing so can save you a lot of aggravation, and it can help you improve service to your customers and to protect your reputation.

Establishing a relationship with a good auto locksmith can help you get the key duplicates you need quickly and at the right price. U.S. Key Service is a trusted auto locksmith in Chandler, Arizona serving commercial and individual clients. We make key duplicates for all models of vehicles, including foreign and domestic models. Call us in Arizona to get an estimate for services or to learn more about how we can help you.

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