Ultimate Guide to Pawning a Totaled Vehicle in Mesa

Ultimate Guide to Pawning a Totaled Vehicle in Mesa.

When cash is tight and you need some extra funds to tide you over, a pawn broker can offer the help you need. No matter if you are thinking of pawning or selling something of value, at your local pawn shop, you can get cash fast. And as an added bonus, if you default on your pawn loan, your credit won’t be ruined-you “simply” lost your collateral. People pawn all sorts of things: power tools, electrical equipment, instruments, jewelry, and cars.

In fact, pawning a car isn’t uncommon at all, but what if you are in need of fast cash and your car doesn’t run? Can you still pawn a car that is sitting stranded in your front yard?-yes, sometimes. While this is not a straightforward answer, the truth is, that as with everything it depends. A 1987 Fiat isn’t gonna bring the draw a vintage muscle car would. So, yes it depends. If you are sitting on a totaled car and are wondering if you can pawn it, read on.

Here are some great tips on how to pawn your total vehicle and get cash for it:

1. What Kind of Car Are We Talking About?

Do you have a run of the mill kind of car that doesn’t run? Would you want to buy this car, if you were looking and it wasn’t running? If the answer is no, you probably won’t even have to bother to take your car to the pawn shop. Your pawn broker is in business to make money, not to hire mechanics to fix your average car before it can eventually make them money.

However, if you have a car that is either in high demand, because it is a great car, or a car that has historic or vintage type value, by all means go for it. There are many collectors and car buffs all over the place that are only waiting for the one unique car to pop up and oftentimes, they love tinkering and fixing the vehicles they purchase, which means they don’t mind as much if the car doesn’t run (well).
Maybe you have a car that would make a good race car, or that could be used in the parade of the historic society. There are many different types of cars that you could pawn, even if the car doesn’t run.

In terms of what car your pawn broker is looking for, the more desirable and in demand the car is, the better are your odds that your pawn dealer will take the car of your hands and even make it worth it for you.

2. What Can Your Car Offer?

If you are looking to pawn or sell your totaled car to your local Mesa pawn shop, it needs to be (as stated above) a collector’s car, meaning that car lovers would want to buy it, at a reasonable price, and fix it up, because it is something, they were hunting for. Or it is a very popular car that may even be a dependable vehicle (aside from the fact that yours isn’t currently running). And lastly it should be a car that has a great shell that someone would want to race or off-road with after tuning it up. However, this could also mean that your car is unique enough that it may have some sought after parts in it that it could be sold off in pieces to fix up another car. If your car fulfills any of the above criteria, you may just be able to get some bang for the Bu(i)ck.

3. Things to Consider

Tips on pawning Mesa totaled carEven if your pawn broker agrees to take your vehicle of your hands, you may not get for it what you were hoping for. Ever watched those reality shows about pawn shops? How many times did a customer leave the shop with a hanging head after they received (what they thought to be) a lowball offer? Plenty of times, and their item wasn’t even broken. Your car, is not running though, so if your broker offers you a few hundred bucks instead of the thousands you were hoping for, your expectations were probably just not realistic. If you have an average car that doesn’t run, it is not going to be worth it for the pawn shop to have it fixed and then sell it (if it sells at all). It is also quite possible that the car will just take up space in their lot and not sell at all.

Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money. In this case, you may have to spend money to get your car to the pawn broker, because your car, doesn’t run. So what are you going to do? Have a friend tow you and hope nothing will fall off? Call AAA? While some pawn dealers may offer you a loan in trade for the title only, in some states they are required to be in actual possession of the car. And even if they only need the title, they still will want to give the car a once-over. Check the engine, tires, sound system and so on. And because time is money, odds are they want you to bring the car to them.

But don’t be discouraged, if your expectations aren’t too high and you have a decent car, you should be able to get at least something for it. But make sure that you are well aware of what you are offering.

Pawn Now is your local East Mesa pawn shop with years of experience and countless successful transactions, and many of those involve vehicles. If you are looking to pawn (or sell) your broken down vehicle for some fast cash, contact us today, we are happy to give you a free estimate.

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