What Is My Mesa Certified Body Shop Checking for on My Car?

What Is My Mesa Certified Body Shop  Checking for on My Car?

Accidents happen, and when they do, you are need to have your car checked by your local Mesa certified auto body shop. It is essential to assess the damage on your car and to repair it to restore it to its former beauty and most importantly- safety.

Checking your car or truck over for damage is not as easy as it may seem. Sure, everybody is able to detect obvious damages such as a bent fender, paint scrapings or a dent in the trunk, but would you really be able to find damages that are hidden to the naked eye? -Probably not. Your local body shop technician has the expertise and experience to find things you cannot.

Here is what your Mesa certified car technician is checking your car for after it was in a fender bender or a collision:

Bumpers/ Fenders

There is a reason we call it fender bender when you have been in a minor accident, because, more often than not, your fender is, well, bent. Both, bumpers and fenders are generally the first parts that are impacted. They are constructed to absorb a big part of a collision, but they are also pretty lightweight and because of their location easily susceptible to damage. Your Mesa collision expert can assess if your bumper is indeed unharmed, or if the shock absorbing material underneath has been compromised and you need a new bumper regardless of the old one looking unharmed.

Doors and Door Panels

Because of their size and location, doors are frequently impacted in collisions. Your body shop technician will check the doors for even gaps around the doors, if they close and open smoothly and how extensive the damage is. If you are only dealing with minor dents and scrapes and the door is still properly aligned, chances are you will not need a new door, but get to keep the one you have.

Should the door be out of alignment and not open or close as it should, you will need a new one. This is not only an issue of convenience, but a safety issues as well.

Front/Back Windshields

If you windshield is shattered, you won’t really have to ask your repair tech about needing a new one, but what about tiny scratches, dents or hairline cracks? They are not so easy to detect and a certified collision repair technician is trained to find those little imperfections quickly while also being able to tell if the windshield can be left as is, needs repair or replacement. Oftentimes, the cracks can be “fixed” in a way that will prevent them from spreading over time.


Certified Collision RepairOftentimes your car appears to be unharmed, and yet it feels off. Damage to the frame considered to be indirect damage. Your trained automotive body shop expert can easily detect a misaligned frame or other structural issues which are frequently present even after minor collision, but nevertheless compromise the safety of your vehicle severely.

Here at Excel Collision and Glass Centers we are proud to be authorized and certified by many vehicle manufacturers. Our collision experts check your car diligently from front to back and top to bottom when you bring it into our collision repair center after an accident. Get peace of mind with the best collision repair around and keep your family safe. To learn more about our Mesa collision repair center and to schedule a vehicle drop of contact us today.

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