Why Your Car Loses Resale Value after a Crash Even If It Is Restored by a Gilbert Certified Body Shop

Why Your Car Loses Resale Value after a Crash Even If It Is Restored by a Gilbert Certified Body Shop.

The time has come and you are finally ready to sell your old and buy a new car, but then the prospective buyer backs out from the deal, because she checked Carfax and its says your car was in an accident. Suddenly you remember the guy that hit you because he was too busy eating his burrito while driving and tapped your bumper. And because you filed a claim with his insurance company your teeny fender bender shows up in the vehicle history report.

But really it was only cosmetic so why does the buyer step back from the purchase or offer you less?

Here are some reasons why you will get less for a vehicle that was in an accident even if it has been restored by your certified auto body shop:

Your car was damaged:

Yes, this is stating the obvious, but it you put yourself in your buyer’s shoes, you probably would offer less for a car that has been in a collision or fender bender as well. Just like many people don’t buy bruised fruit even though it tastes the same, there is a mental blockage against buying something that is not in top condition.

Even your dealership that has the resources to give your car a thorough check, will pay you up to 20% less than what your vehicle might be worth without damage.

There is no such thing as only cosmetic damage:

Even if your bumper or fender were just scratched, it is possible that there is invisible damage. OK maybe not invisible, but not visible without taking fender and bumper of and checking for it. The shock absorbing material under a bumper can be compromised no matter if your bumper shows or does not show cosmetic damage. And who is to say that there won’t be a ripple effect and problems with your car’s alignment, for example, appear down the road.

Vehicle Make and Age:

There are some makes and models that sell better than others, no matter if they have been in a crash or not (as long as they have been restored by a certified collision technician). Honda routinely has cars with great resale values, for example. Also while some feel that older cars that have been in an accident are more reliable due to the way they were built, some feel the exact opposite and prefer new cars, even if they were involved in a collision. But of course, demand always fluctuates based on what consumers prefer at the moment.


lower value after collisionAn accident vehicle that has been repaired and checked over by a certified Gilbert body shop, could also mean a tremendous deal. If you are able to overlook the obvious flaw that the vehicle has been in a collision and maybe have your trusted body shop mechanic check it over, why not buy the cheaper car?

If you are considering buying or selling a car that was involved in an accident of any kind be prepared to pay or make less. If you are the buyer make sure the repairs have been executed by a top collision repair shop and ask for documentation.

Excel Collision and Glass Centers has the equipment and knowledge to repair your car after an accident and restore it to its original safe self with OEM parts and top workmanship. Contact us today to learn more about our repair services or to schedule an appointment.

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