It takes a special kind of auto body shop to commit to being Hyundai certified

At Excel Collision and Glass Center we have committed to being Hyundai Certified when it comes to repairing your vehicle. The Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair program makes sure that both Hyundai dealership and independently owned collision repair centers have the proper facilities, equipment, tools and training to be able to properly service Hyundai vehicles after a collision. Customers will be able to spot the Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair center plaque at Excel Collision and other certified centers. This will enable the customer to know that their car is going to be repaired according to the manufacturer, safely and correctly. The program also allows Hyundai to be able to guide its owners to certified Hyundai body shops in Mesa when they are in need of collision repair.

Hyundai certified auto body shop specifications

Hyundai has partnered up with Assured Performance Network on the program. Assured Performance Network guarantees that all certified collision repair centers meet the specifications of the programs capability requirements. Centers must pass annual audits and inspections in order to maintain certification. The Assured Performance Network is a non-profit consumer advocacy group that has been tasked with these requirements. It is through these types of national organizations that collision repairers have been able to recognize that the manufacturer sets the bar for how their own cars should be repaired. The consumer wins in all of this by having more confidence as a result of the better Arizona partnerships between the men and women performing the repairs and the automakers who have designed and built these complex machines. It’s all put in writing by Hyundai as far as what equipment is needed, what training you will need, what needs to be done to the vehicle, for the certified centers to correctly repair the vehicle.

Long gone are the days of cold rolled steel. Now certified Hyundai body shops are being required to make repairs to ultra high strength steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. These are almost daily repairs that need to be made in the highly equipped facilities where bonding and structural riveting have become more common. No longer are Arizona shops just readily assuming that they know how to fix your car, even without proper training and certification. Those days are steadily going away. This is in part because of the technological advancements that have been made that require a major shift in philosophy by repairers to fully comply with the OEM when it comes to the acceptable repair approach. There’s no secret about the value in this partnership between Hyundai and the certified centers. It’s understood that the consumer is not being served well when improper repairs are made to their car that they have to suffer the long term consequences of. These dubious repairs can be as dangerous as they are costly. Which is why it is so important to stay with a certified Hyundai repair facility.

Hyundai sign for collision repair center in Mesa, ArizonaThe level of training required by Hyundai is being referred to as I-CAR Gold Class Recognition. This signifies the use of advanced equipment and documentation to safely perform repairs. The message is clear, there is a very high level of detail that is required that shows Hyundai only wants their cars serviced at facilities that know how their car is built and know how to put them back together in the properly Hyundai designated fashion. To put it plainly, the automaker’s recognition has shown to be a highly influential signal to the consumer that they have chosen a facility that strives to repair the vehicles in the correct manner. All around the world, many shops have seemed to lose sight of who exactly designed and built the car.

Now this type of certification is strenous and extensive and NOT for every auto body repair shop in Mesa. But for the ones that are committed to the proper training and equipment they are building a culture to follow the OEM guidelines. And if that is happening, then there will always be a place for shops to be a part of the program. That being said, you can count on the professionals at Excel Collision and Glass Center to get the job done right. We have the certification required to properly fix your vehicle. So don’t let just anybody do the job, go with the best, go with Excel Collision and Glass Center. We look forward to working with you. Call us today for more information!

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