Top Auto Body Issues Caused by Bumping the Curb

Arizona’s monsoon season is fast approaching, and the need for collision repair in Gilbert, AZ increases during poor weather conditions. It’s important to slow down when driving in the rain. The first 10 minutes of a rainstorm are the most dangerous as that’s when the film of oil coating the road surface creates the most slippery conditions before it begins to wash away. After the oil residue begins to wash away you still need to be wary of hydroplaning. When your car’s tires are contending with more water than they are able to scatter they can become separated from the road surface by a film of water. This causes a loss of traction which results in a loss of control of the vehicle. If you are lucky this loss of steering and braking control only lasts for a second or two, but it can easily result in a slide off.

When thinking about Gilbert, AZ, snow is one of the last things to come to mind. Nevertheless, it really does snow in areas of Arizona throughout the winter, most notably in Flagstaff. Many Arizona residents are not familiar with driving in snow, they don’t realize how much they need to slow down and how much extra stopping time is required on snowy roads. When driving on snow covered roads it’s easy to slide off into a curb, necessitating a trip to the body shop.

common issues caused to vehicles when bumping into a curb

Gilbert body shops see many vehicles that have been damaged by sliding off a slippery roadway into a curb. Hitting a curb seems fairly harmless as accidents go, but you’d be surprised by how much damage it’s possible to incur by merely hitting a curb. Even simply turning a corner too sharply and bumping the curb at 5 to 10 miles an hour can cause problems.

Various front end issues can result from hitting a curb. Often the first sign of damage is a shaking in the steering wheel, since these front end parts are involved in safely steering your car. Some potential issues include:

Tire and Wheel Damage

Although tire damage may not be visible now, after a few hundred miles you may begin to see uneven wear. It is also possible to crack the layers of rubber or break the steel belts within your tire, which would leave a weak spot that can turn into a bubble or result in a blowout while driving in the Arizona heat.

Your wheel may also be bent, which can result in either a fast or slow air leak. Sometimes your auto body shop can repair the dent, but if it’s bad enough you may need to replace the wheel.

The least serious problem you may face would be a broken or lost hub cap.

Tie rods are an important component of the steering system in a car. They connect your steering system to the wheels. A bent or broken tie rod can result in sloppy, wandering steering. A complete failure of a tie rod can result in loss of steering control.
Control Arms

The control arm, also known as a lower A-arm is a hinged link between the chassis and the wheel hub. The control arm permits the up and down movement of the suspension while holding the knuckles, spindles, and axles to the vehicle. Bumping a curb can damage the control arms or other suspension components of your car.

Steering Knuckle

An important part of your suspension system, a steering knuckle contains the hub where the wheel turns but remains in a stable motion due to being held by the knuckle.


Hitting a curb can knock the wheels out of alignment which will result in steering difficulties such as pulling to one side or the other and excessive or uneven tire wear.

weather related car accident while drivingIf you hit a curb it’s a good idea to make an appointment with a body shop. There they can put it up on a rack and check all of your suspension components, wheel alignment, tires and brakes.

At Excel Collision and Glass Center, even if you aren’t in need of collision repair, we recommend having your wheels aligned and your car’s steering and suspension systems checked every year. This can keep small problems from turning into big problems and keep you and your family safer on the road.

Certified Technicians

Excel Collision and Glass Center is a manufacturer certified collision repair shop. We use only certified technicians who continue to receive education throughout the time they are employed here. In addition, we use only the most modern, cutting edge equipment available. We provide high quality workmanship in Gilbert, AZ combined with honesty and competitive prices. Contact us today for any repair needs.

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