East Mesa Collision Technology – What’s It All About?

Car accident repair is about much more than banging out a dent from a bumper and touching up a bit of paint. Some accidents can result in major damage that requires extensive repair to both the body and the technical elements, such as the head lights and the rear sensors. Even something that seems like a minor dent can impact the frame and require extensive repair.

A reputable and experienced Mesa body shop will employ collision technology to make a strong and seamless repair. Here are a few ways that this technology can be used:

East Mesa Collision Technology - What's It All About?

To Ensure Parts Are Level

Even the most experienced auto body repair technicians can’t just eyeball a fender and tell if it is perfectly straight and level. While an unbalanced fender might not cause any harm, there are plenty of body parts that can pose a threat if they are not straight and level. Collision technology will measure even small changes in the balance that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

To Diagnose Problems

If your car is hit hard enough, you may have to worry about far more than a dent in your door. Some of the mechanics that make your car run may be damaged. But it may be difficult to pinpoint the source of the damage without the aid of collision technology.

Sophisticated computers can be hooked up to your vehicle to detect whatever damage might be lingering below the hood. Not only will you avoid an issue going overlooked and causing major problems later, but you’ll also save money on your repair bills since the technician will be able to get to the heart of the problem and repair it more quickly.

To Repair Electric Components

Today’s vehicles are more sophisticated than they have ever been. Specialized computer equipment runs everything from the engine to the head lights. Even a minor fender bender can result in serious damage to electrical components.

East Mesa collision repair is only doable by using specialized technology to repair these components and ensure that they are working properly.

To Match Paint Colors

Most cars aren’t just “red” or “blue.” Instead, they are colors like “Freudian Gilt” and “Pink Kong.” You won’t be able to just pick up a can of spray paint and match that, nor will an auto body technician be able to use whatever’s on the shelf to touch up repairs.

Computer technology is used to match paint colors exactly so that the repairs are seamless. With the right matching, you won’t be able to tell that any touchups were ever made to the paint.

Finding the right auto body shop is essential to getting the best repairs. The technicians at Excel Collision and Glass Centers in Mesa are all highly trained and experienced in providing all types of repairs to all types of vehicles. We use the most cutting-edge technology to repair your vehicle and make it look as good as new. Call us today to get the car accident repair you need!

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