Tow or Drive? When Is My Car Too Damaged to be Driven?

Most of us would do anything to avoid getting a tow and paying the huge bill that usually accompanies it. Some of us would rather push our cars a mile to our local Apache Junction auto body repair shop than have to call a tow truck.

Tow or Drive? When Is My Car Too Damaged to be Driven?

But sometimes, driving your car instead of having it towed may actually cause more damage — and cost you more money. If the problem is with the engine, you could be making it even worse by driving. If you’ve been in an accident and have a bumper falling off, dragging it along behind you down the road will only create the need for more body repair.

Here are a few signs that you might need to have your car towed to your Apache Junction body shop instead of driving it:

Vehicle Is Overheating

When your vehicle is overheating, it’s a good sign that there is something wrong with the engine or the motor. Continuing to drive the vehicle can cause major damage that can cost you thousands of dollars to repair. In addition, the engine could seize while you are driving, which could cause a major accident, depending on how fast you are driving and how many cars are around you.

The Check Engine Light Is On

The “check engine” light is something that you should never ignore. Any time you see this, you should take your car to the mechanic as soon as possible. If you are having other problems with your car such as noises while you are driving and the “check engine” light comes on, call for a tow truck. If you have been in an accident and the light comes on in your Acura, call a tow truck to take your car to an Acura certified Apache Junction repair shop.

Vehicle Is Smoking or Has a Burning Smell

Smoking coming from your hood or your exhaust can indicate a number of problems with the engine, the motor, or the exhaust system. Allowing any of these problems to continue can lead to major damage and seriously expensive repairs.

Likewise, a burning smell is a sure sign that something is wrong. Call a tow truck instead of driving your car to the shop and exacerbating the problem.

Vehicle Is Stalling or Backfiring

Not only is stalling and backfiring a sign that there is something serious going on under the hood, but if these things happen suddenly while you are driving, they can cause an accident. You should never “try to make it” when these things are happening to your Nissan. You should always call a tow truck to get to an Apache Junction repair shop that is Nissan certified.

Loud Noises Are Coming from under the Hood

Clanking, clattering, and rotational noises while you are driving are a sign that something is wrong with your car, no matter how well it is driving otherwise. Continuing to drive while these noises are happening will only make the problem worse. Your car could also suddenly stop working while you are driving, putting you and other drivers on the road at risk. Just call a tow truck.

Vehicle Has a Sudden Loss of Fluid

All the fluids in your vehicle are absolutely necessary to its operation. They aren’t just there to protect the parts or get you better gas mileage. If you notice a sudden loss of fluid — either in a pool on your driveway or in a sharp drop on your gauge — you need to call a tow truck immediately. Attempting to drive while your car is low on fluids or has an active leak can cause parts to lock up and seriously damage other parts.

Brakes Are Making a Grinding Noise

If you hit the brakes and hear a grinding noise, the brake pads have likely worn down and you are grinding away on your rotors. Continuing to do so can cause even more damage to other underlying parts, including the axle. You need to stop driving your car immediately and have the brakes — and perhaps other surrounding parts — replaced to prevent the further spread of damage.

Working with a qualified mechanic and body repair center is essential to getting your car back in top shape as soon as possible. If you have been in an accident, have your car towed to Excel Collision and Glass Centers in Apache Junction, Arizona. We are a respected collision repair center with highly trained and experienced technicians who can fix just about any type of vehicle and make any type of repair. Call us for an estimate today!

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